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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Global Gathering KOREA 2009


‘Best Festival’ DJ Mag

“GlobalGathering has become one of the essential festivals in the World.’”
Armin Van Buuren

“Simply the best electronic music festival in the World, bar none.”
Carl Cox

9/18 Fri 05:00PM ~ 19 Sat 05:00AM

The PRODIGY, the Potbelleez, Pendulum (DJ set), The Crystal Method (DJ set), Demicat, J-RATH, Risque Thythm Machine, East Collective, Starsheeps, CONAN, HYDE , INWOO, Inside Crew

9/19 Sat 02:00PM ~ 20 Sun 05:00AM

Underworld, Royksopp, MSTRKRFT, House Rulez, GOGOSTAR, Fantastic Plastic Machine feat. Verbal [m-flo] (DJ set), IDIOTAPE, Revolver69 (DJ Ryoo & DGURU), EE, UJN & NOVA, MINDBUSTERS, ASTROVOIZE, Beejay & Stereo, FIFHAN , Bada Lehner, Lip 2 Shot, AYA, KINGMac, G-DRAGON, 2NE1

Ticket reservation for English-speaking festival people!

September 18th Friday September 19th Saturday Weekend Admission ( 18th & 19th )
Presale 88,000 Won 88,000 Won 143,000 Won
At Door 99,000 Won 99,000 Won 165,000 Won

Official Ticket (Please check for 3 types of ticket options)

Presale: - September 18th Friday Admission- 88,000 Won
- September 19th Saturday Admission- 88,000 Won
- Weekend Admission ( Including Both dates )- 143,000 Won
At Door: - September 18th Friday Admission- 99,000 Won
- September 19th Saturday Admission- 99,000 Won
- Weekend Admission ( Including Both dates )-165,000 Won

If you find it hard to reserve tickets via Interpark ticket purchase system(, please email us at globalgatheringkorea@gmail
.com with the information given below. The ticket manager will contact you via email ASAP and give you further guidelines.

Information needed when you email the ticket manager:
1. Full name of the person purchasing ticket(s)
2. Number of tickets you want to purchase
3. Foreigner registration number or passport number
4. Desired dates (Sep 18th, Sep 19th, or both)
5. Phone number where we can reach you (cell phone preferred)

Once the ticket manager gets your email, you will be provided with the bank account number. When your purchase is confirmed, the ticket manager will once again email you with reservation confirmation letter. Print this email and bring it with identification (passport, foreigner registration etc.) to the ticket booth located at the festival entrance gate.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to email us
We will contact you shortly and make sure everything is nice and smooth! Thank you!

VIP Ticket Admission Inquires & Reservation: 02-323-2838

Official ticket purchase is limited to 4 tickets per person.

Wristband & Ticket
- Once the ticket has been delivered, it is imperative to receive your wristband before
entering the venue.
- Any loss of ticket & wristband during the event will not be compensated.
Ticket Terms & Conditions
- Any unofficial ticket trade will be prosecuted by law.
- Any ticket purchase disregarding GGK official sponsor, management, production, and collaborating brands will not be compensated.
- If you choose to receive your reserved tickets at the door, personal identification must be brought with you.

Ticket Delivery Information
- All tickets will be delivered on September first Tuesday
- We do not hold responsibilities for any mail delivered loss. Please be aware of ticket arrival date once it’s informed.
절대 한국에 오지 않을 것이라 생각햇다
제대로 놀아 보자구요

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Monday, July 20, 2009


아주 오랜만에 재회한 그녀는 변함없엇고 ,
그녀의 옆에 계시던 분은 그녀를 진심으로 대하는 것 같아 굉장히 다행인 기분이엿다
씁쓸하고도 반가운 기분
어째서엿는지 , 시야가 흐려졋다
나를 알지 못하는 누군가는 나를 미치도록 가벼운 사람이라고 생각해버릴지 모른다
신경쓰지 않는다
허무한 기분을 잘 알면서,
또 새로운 공허함은
나를 미치게 만든다
허무하다 허무하다 허무하다
몸을 움츠렷다
그저 수선보낸 슈즈가 하루빨리
내품에 돌아오기를 생각햇다

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


American Apparelに行ってあれこれ購入する



私のipodで流れるdaft punkのsomething about us.

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