Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 Ta2virus


Tattoo the first convention in korea
@삼성동 섬유센터
AM10:00~ PM7:00

Tattooist Line up

에르난 Tattooism
치 우 Crazy tattoo
빈 울 75 Tattoo
너바나 Tattoo Nirvana
호리쿠니 Horikuni
청 풍 Chungpung Art Studio
대 산 Wizard tattoo
산 리 Tattoo Studio Red
김창한 GTO Tattoo
류 혼 Yellow Monky Tattoo
제이미 Tattoo Times
에 루 Hybrid Ink
라 온 Raon Tattoo
정진혁 Ink Horic


Special guest

Philip _Ink Works (U.S.A)
Kobayashi_Dropout Tattoo (Japan)
ShigeToshi_Dropout tattoo (Japan)
William_Triple tattoo (Singapore)


Tattoo Supply Line up
Micky Sharpz Korea (Korea)
Wizard tattoo Supply (Japan)
Z G tattoo Supply (Korea)
Baron Tattoo Supply (Koea)

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