Monday, June 15, 2009 n Kirio

they are a real couple in China.
they are really Pretty love.
Is very much in love each other
i love gay
because they are true and exquisite,
than that which they love is true love .そう。愛にとって国籍も性別も必要ない
사랑에 있어서 국적도 성별도 필요없다
그 사람이 나와 성별이 다르기 때문에 사랑하는 것이 아니다
그 사람은 그 사람이기 때문에 사랑하는 것이다
나는 게이를 좋아한다
그 여느 사랑보다 그들은 진실한 사랑을 한다
서로의 상처를 감싸줄수 잇고 더 섬세한 생각을 가지고 잇다

적어도 서로에게 진심이라는 것이
그 어느 사랑보다 아름답다


ART OF LIFE said...

I wonder why God makes two kinds of sex, what we call , male and female.

If we were hermaphrodite like a snail , I think we don't have to make love each other.

Because some can make their own children by themselves.

But...It's very boring.

The God may want us to make love with someone.

That is why God makes two kinds of sex,I think.

I agree with your opinion.

I think there is no border between country about love. my case , I can't sex with men.

It's OK...but I can't.

Secret said...

it's correct.
i agree here

Anonymous said...

I agree with you

Fernie Villanueva Bucang said...

I read this passage somewhere and i think there's a hint of truth in it: "Love is a form of emotional attraction that transcends sexual attraction of the physical form."
I hope that one day, people will learn to love each other because they love each other. And not because they are males or females or gays or lesbians.



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